TRASER Software General Terms & Conditions

We use the General Terms & Conditions provided by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM). Representing more than 2,100 international companies, BITKOM considers itself the spokesperson for the IT industry and provides General Terms & Conditions (GTC) designed for start-up and small to medium-sized businesses to help them make legally compliant contracts free of grey areas.

Referring to the new BITKOM terms, Thomas Kriesel, BITKOM lawyer and tax/business law division manager, says:

„Our GTC templates aim to provide IT companies with sufficient guidance to help them survive in the thicket of legal requirements and support them by drawing up and processing their contracts on a daily basis.“

In all cases the experts working for this high-tech organisation make sure to incorporate the latest jurisdictional developments in their templates. The General Terms & Conditions clarify typical issues that may arise when creating an IT contract. The modular system allows each individual company to choose from the large range of offers.

The General Contractual Terms & Conditions are used as the foundation for this system. They govern overarching issues on liability and impairment of performance for all types of contract and may be supplemented by additional modules as required for the company.

Click the link below to download the TRASER Software General Terms and Conditions reflecting the General Terms and Conditions provided by BITKOM:

General contractual terms of Bitkom

Bitkom’s contractual terms for transfering software (purchase)

Bitkom’s contractual terms for software development

Bitkom’s contractual terms for maintaining standard software

Bitkom’s contractual terms for services

Bitkom’s contractual terms for work and labour contracts

Bitkom’s contractual terms for leasing of hardware and standard software

Bitkom’s contractual terms for software as a service

Please also note the Microsoft Licence Agreement.

Order processing agreement

On this page you will find the currently valid order processing contract, an annex to the main contract concluded with you.
Order processing contract:

Microsoft Customer Agreement

The Microsoft Customer Agreement is available at the following link:

By agreeing to this Agreement, you accept the Microsoft Product Terms, which can be found here: